Rule 9A - Temporary Assignments

  • Purpose - In order to enable active players who are in the military reserve to meet military requirements without causing undue hardships to the clubs, temporary assignments shall be permissible until the end of the player’s military reserve obligation.
  • Definition - A temporary assignment is an assignment of a player by a minor league club to a major league club (in order to replace a military reserve player) for a specified number of days, after which the contract shall revert to the assignor club.
  • Filing: Notice to Player - The temporarily assigned player shall be given notice of the assignment and the number of days of the assignment. The Commissioner shall also receive notice.
  • When -Temporary assignments are permissable from opening day until August 31.
  • Limitations - There are no limitations on the number of temporarily assigned players. No temporary assignments may be made between minor league clubs.
  • Prohibitions Disregarded - All other Major League Rules regarding prohibitions on the assignment of a player shall be disregarded in connection with temporary assignments.
  • General Provisions - The club shall report to the Commissioner regarding the name of the player who will be absent due to military reserve obligations, as well as the length of time he will be absent. Absent players continue to count towards roster limits.