Rule 8 - Major League Unconditional Release

Waiver Requirements

No club may unconditionally release a player until it tenders and receives a waiver of the contract from all other clubs.

Procedure for Obtaining Waivers

The procedure for obtaining Unconditional Release Waivers is as follows:
  1. A waiver request may be made at any time during the year, and must state that it is for the purpose of unconditional release.
  2. Waiver Requests will be processed in accordance with Rule 10, and may not be withdrawn.
  3. Waiver claims must be entered in accordance with Rule 10(d).

Restrictions on Unconditional Release Waiver Requests

  1. No club may release a player on the Military List or the Ineligible List before the player is reinstated to the active list.
  2. No cub may release a player on the Retired List without approval from the Commissioner.

Effect on Player Limits

Player must be notified within one day of the waiver request. The player no longer counts against player limits at the time the waiver request is transmitted.

Waiver Claims and Consideration

Any other club may claim the player at a waiver price of $1 and the priority for the claim shall be in accordance with Rule 10(d).

Notice to Player of Claims

The player shall be promptly notified if claimed. Within five days of notice, the player is entitled to terminate his contract. If the player does not terminate the contract, the contract will be assigned to the claiming club.

Notice of Termination

If a player is not claimed, he becomes a free agent, and the club shall give the player notice of termination. Notice may be sufficient by telephone, hand-delivered writing, fax, or mail.

Salary Obligations

If a contract is terminated by the player, the player shall be entitled to compensation through the date of termination but not thereafter. If the player’s contract is not claimed, he is entitled to compensation per the terms of his contract. If the player's contract is claimed, the claiming club shall be liable for payments accruing after the assignment.

Re-signing of Released Players

A player may be re-signed by the releasing club, except that:
  1. The player may not be activated until 30 days after the initial waiver request, unless the club has had less than a full complement of active players during that entire 30 day period.
  2. Any player released between August 31 and opening day of the next season may not be re-signed until May 15 of that next season.