Rule 6: Players Selected in the Rule 5 Draft


A player selected in the MLB phase of the Rule 5 Draft may not be released or assigned to the minors until: (a) he first receives a 15 day trial period in spring training; (b) he is granted waivers; and (c) he has been offered back to his previous club by outright assignment.

Offer of Outright Assignment - Procedure

An offer of outright assignment back to a player's previous team shall be made through the Commissioner for the consideration of 50% of the price paid for selection. Upon receiving notice, the previous team has 72 hours to accept or reject the assignment, unless that player is eligible for free agency, in which case the team has 24 hours to accept or reject the assignment. Failure to accept constitutes a rejection. If the previous team rejects assignment, the selecting team owes no further obligation to the previous team.

Active List Restrictions

A selected player must remain on the 25-man roster (or the DL) of the selecting team for a full season, after which the selecting team's obligations to the previous team are fulfilled, and the selecting team may then assign the players to the minor leagues as it sees fit. However, a selected player must remain on the Active List for the selecting team for an aggregate of 90 days for that season, or the Rule 5 restrictions will continue to apply for the following season until that player has been on the selecting team’s Active List for an aggregate of 90 days.

Salary on Return

The selecting team is liable for any excess salary over and above that player's previous season contract.