Rule 58 – Standards for Minor League Playing Facilities

  • Each MiL club shall maintained a facility up to current agreed-upon standards. The standards are regularly updated an outlined in Attachment 58, including seating guidelines, bathrooms, telephones, handicapped accessibility, concessions, public areas, ticket windows, turnstiles, security, first aid, parking, sound system, scoreboard, media facilities, administration area, team facilities, a maintenance crew, and a regulation ball field. Any variance or waiver must be approved by the Commissioner or the MiL President.
  • The Commissioner shall employ inspector’s who shall monitor the club’s compliance.
  • The inspectors shall report non-compliance to the MiL President and the Commissioner. After consultation with the MLB affiliate, the MiL President will outline the measures that must be taken and a timetable for compliance. If non-compliance continues, penalties may include fines, PDC nullification, or ownership divestment. All such orders shall be reviewable by the Commissioner.