Rule 40 – Players Eligible for Post-Season

Players Eligible - Players who are on the 25-man roster, the major league DL, Suspend, Military, or the Bereavement List within a given organization on August 31 are eligible to be on that team's playoff roster. Other players are generally not eligible to be on the playoff roster. However, if a player in the organization is on the DL on August 31 and still on the DL at the end of the regular season, that player may be replaced on the playoff roster by any player that was in the organization as of August 31. For example, any player on the 15-day or 60-day DL on both August 31 and the end of the season may be replaced by a minor leaguer who may not have been on the major league roster as of August 31 (see Jacoby Ellsbury in 2007). That replacing player does not have to be a pitcher if he is replacing a pitcher, nor does a position player have to be replaced a position player. Once the playoffs start, if a player becomes disabled he can be replaced by any player from the 40-man roster, even during the series in which the player was injured. However, under those circumstances a pitcher must be replaced with a pitcher and a position player with a position player. Additionally, the replaced player may not be activated for that series or the subsequent series.

Coaches Eligible – To be eligible as a coach in the post-season, a coach must be a bona-fide member of the qualifying team under contract on August 31 through the end of the season. Coaches may be substituted wit approval from the Commissioner.

Players Eligible – Minor League Post-Season – Each minor league club qualifying for the post-season must set forth an active roster (using the general roster limits) at the end of the regular season. The roster shall be submitted to the Commissioner and the president of the relevant league.