Rule 25 – Uniform Playing Rules
  • Official Baseball Rules – games shall be played according to the Official Baseball Rules as kept by the Playing Rules Committee
  • Playing Rules Committee – comprises of 3 members from the AL, 3 from the NL, 2 at-large members, (all appointed by the Commissioner) and 1 from the minors (appointed by the President of Minor League Baseball). Members are appointed by December 15 each year.
  • Duties of Playing Rules Committee – During meetings, rules may be revises, repealed, or adopted by a two-thirds vote. Votes can be called for by mail. The Committee may adopt a temporary “experimental ruling” by a vote of seven members certified by the Commissioner or the head of the applicable league. Experimental rulings generally do not conform with the current rules and may be errantly adopted by vote at a later time.
  • Official Scoring Rules Sub-Committee – seven members from the Playing Rules Committee, six chosen by the Commissioner and one by the President of Minor League Baseball. The sub-committee determines which stats are to be included in the official records, and set minimum standards for performance for individual batting, fielding, and pitching champions.