Rule 20 – Conflicting Interests

  • Ownership & Financial Interests – No club owner shall own any interest in any other club. However, an owner who owns a non-controlling interest of not exceeding 5% of a club may own a non-controlling interest not exceeding 5% in another club
  • Loans to and Relationships with Players – No team or owner shall loan money to a player of any other club, or be an agent or representative of any player in the league.
  • Loans to Clubs and Other Individuals – No team or owner shall loan money to any other team, umpire, or league unless the transactions is approved by the Commissioner.
  • League Officials – No officer, employee or umpire of a league shall own any financial interest in a team in that league.
  • Within Club – No player or manager of a club may have an ownership interest in that club except under an agreement approved by the Commissioner, which shall provide for the immediate sale of such interest upon that player’s or manager’s transfer from that team.
  • Winter Leagues – No club shall own any interest in or loan any money to any winter league or winter league club.
  • Information to Commissioner – Before the first day of each season, each club must certify in witting a list of all owners, ownership percentages, officers, directors, all agreements covering the operation of the club, and all agreements with other clubs regarding payments and player transfers.