Rule 19 – Umpires and Official Scorers
  • Staffing – The Commissioner’s Office shall employ a staff of umpires.
  • Duties – The umpires shall work the regular season, post-season, and the All-Star game in accordance with the Playing Rules.
  • Control of Employment – The umpires shall be under the sole control of the Commissioner.
  • Official Scorers – The Commissioner shall appoint an official scorer for each club, who shall observe the game from the press box. The official scorer shall have sole authority to make decisions involving judgment, including hits v. error. The scorer shall communicate this judgment to the press box, broadcasting booth, and public address announcer. After the game, the official scorer shall prepare the box score and report it to the Commissioner.
  • Umpire Claims – The Commissioner shall have jurisdiction to hear the umpire’s contract and service disputes.
  • Umpires Acting as Scouts – No umpire shall act as a paid scout for any club.