Rule 18 – Playing Otherwise than for the Club

  • Winter Leagues – The MLB may enter into agreements with Winter Leagues, which agreements shall set forth the terms and conditions upon which players may participate in Winter League play.
  • Exhibition Games – Players may not participate in exhibition games during the off-season without permission of their club and the Commissioner, and even then may not do so for more than 30 days. More than three players from the same club cannot play on the same team. Players may not participate in exhibition games with “ineligible” players, managers, or teams.
  • Penalty – players participating for other teams without permission may be fined
  • All Star Game – No MLB players may participate in an all star game expect the official MLB All Star Game.
  • Hall of Fame Game – There shall be a Hall of Fame exhibition game each year in Cooperstown, New York on a date and with teams selected by the Commissioner.
  • Japan, Korea, and Taiwan – Provisions for playing in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are set forth in a separate agreement kept at the Commissioner’s office.