Rule 17 – Player Salaries
  • First Year Player: If a club is assigned a first year player and does not assume the salary stipulated in that player’s original contract, the player becomes a free agent.
  • Part-Season Salary: If a player is assigned to a team for part of a season, that team shall pay his pro-rated salary.
  • Delay in Reporting: A player who fails to report to spring training shall not be paid until that player gets in playing condition to the satisfaction of the team’s manager.
  • Minimum Salary: The minimum salaries for major league and minor league players shall be set for in the Basic Agreement.
  • Contract Renewal: A player may renew his contract for the following season at any time prior to January 10. Contract “renewals” may not be for less than 80% of the player’s previous season salary and must be approved by the Commissioner.