Professional Baseball Agreement

The Professional Baseball Agreement (“PBA”) is an agreement between the Commissioner of MLB (on behalf of itself and the MLB teams) and Minor League Baseball that defines the working relationship between the two entities.

The PBA is organized into ten articles. Below is a summary of those articles, indexed by the actual article numbers and titles. Please keep in mind that these links are to summaries of the PBA, NOT the actual text of the PBA. These summaries are posted here for discussion purposes and for the educatation of baseball fans. Also, please note that the version of the PBA that is summarized here is the June 2005 version; the PBA may have been amended since that time.


Article I – Statement of Purpose
Article II – Recognition & Jurisdiction of the Commissioner
Article III – Term and Joint Committee
Article IV – Professional Baseball Executive Council
Article V – Uniform Playing Rules
Article VI – Recognition & Amendment of ML Rules
Article VII – Assurances of PDCs & Adequate Affiliations for MLB Clubs
Article VIII – Umpire Development
Article IX – Compensation for Drafted Territories
Article X – Other Rights & Obligations